Featured Toys

William Newman

A former attorney at White & Case Associates, Will loves playing cops & robbers! Will has an astounding reputation for meticulously following all guidelines your child lays out for him. Will is a Brown University graduate and attorney, but—above all—a great toy.

Pamela Medina

Thanks to Pamela’s previous occupation as a boutique owner, she makes the perfect toy for any child who enjoys a zany afternoon of dress-up! On your child’s special day, Pamela arrives with a trunk full of costumes and props, eager to become who or whatever is asked of her.

Donald Clarke

A one-time restaurateur, Donald is fantastic at taking your child’s special requests! Donald is a high-energy toy intended for the high-energy child who, like Donald, enjoys taking on a lot of activities at once. One cartwheel, coming right up!

Kristina Semos

Kristina began her career as a financial analyst at Christopher Street Financial but is now a dedicated and outgoing toy! Does your child need a banker for their imaginary ice cream shop? Kristina would be delighted to fill that role if your child requests it! Does your child want to see how high someone can count? Kristina can count into the zillions!

Whitney Warren

Once an auctioneer at Christie’s Auction House, Whitney is now the #1 selling toy for the artistically-inclined child. Is your darling daughter or son an aspiring Jackson Pollock? Whitney would be delighted to play “canvas” and let your child throw paint at him! And don’t be shy: Whitney’s best feature is his ability to pretend to be a statute. Just ask him to show you!

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