T.J. Gallagher, CEO

T.J. Gallagher is the founder and CEO of Human Toys, a New York based company specializing in providing the entertainment needs for fortunate children.  T.J. has more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, senior level executive and venture capitalist.  His strengths are in leadership, communication, and thinking outside of the box.  T.J.’s hobbies include para-gliding, jet skiing, and racquetball.

Martha Westinghouse, President

Ms. Westinghouse is the President of Human Toys and handles the day to day operations of the company.  She is highly skilled at matching children with the "perfect toy" that will maximize their experience.   Prior to joining Human Toys, Ms. Westinghouse was a private toy maker and homemaker in Eau Clair, Wisconsin.

Please direct inquiries to assistant@humantoys.net.