Are your toys trained babysitters?

Our toys are no more of a babysitter than a wooden horse.  That said, unlike most baby sitters, Human Toys are carefully screened, have passed a rigorous background check, are highly trained professionals, and are required not to participate in any activity that will endanger the welfare of a child.  We have never had a family unhappy with their Human Toy experience.

What kind of activities will your toys do with my children?

Whatever activities your child wants! Unlike other children's entertainment services, Human Toy encourages your child to be creative and make up his/her own fun. That's what being a kid is all about!

When you say human toy do you mean clown?

No, clowns are for children whose parents aren't willing to go the extra mile.   Clowns are a limited, one-way form of entertainment like a television that makes your child take a passive role.  We want children using their minds in their fun!